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Season 1
Episode 1 - DESIGN FOR WAR: Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-1941 Episode 2 - THE PACIFIC BOILS OVER: Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 Episode 3 - SEALING THE BREACH: Anti-submarine warfare, 1941-1943 Episode 4 - MIDWAY IS EAST: Japanese victories & the Midway Battle Episode 5 - MEDITERRANEAN MOSAIC: Gibraltar, Allied & enemy fleets, Malta Episode 6 - GUADALCANAL Episode 7 - RINGS AROUND RABAUL: Struggle for the Solomon Islands Episode 8 - MARE NOSTRUM: Mediterranean Command, 1940-1942 Episode 9 - SEA AND SAND: Invasion of North Africa, 1942-1943 Episode 10 - BENEATH THE SOUTHERN CROSS: War in the south Atlantic Episode 11 - THE MAGNETIC NORTH: War from Murmansk to Alaska Episode 12 - THE CONQUEST OF MICRONESIA: Carrier warfare--Gilberts and Marshalls Episode 13 - MELANESIAN NIGHTMARE: New Guinea campaign Episode 14 - ROMAN RENAISSANCE: Sicily and the Italian campaign Episode 15 - D-DAY: Normandy Episode 16 - KILLERS AND THE KILLED: Victory in the Atlantic, 1943-1945 Episode 17 - THE TURKEY SHOOT: Conquest of the Marianas Episode 18 - TWO IF BY SEA: Peleliu and Angaur Episode 19 - BATTLE FOR LEYTE GULF: Sea battle for Leyte Gulf Episode 20 - RETURN OF THE ALLIES: Liberation of the Philippines Episode 21 - FULL FATHOM FIVE: U.S. submarines Episode 22 - THE FATE OF EUROPE: Black Sea, south of France, surrender Episode 23 - TARGET SURIBACHI: Iwo Jima Episode 24 - THE ROAD TO MANDALAY: China, Burma, India, and Indian Ocean Episode 25 - SUICIDE FOR GLORY: Okinawa Episode 26 - DESIGN FOR PEACE: Surrender of Japan & aftermath of war

Victory at Sea

Victory at Sea is a documentary television series about naval warfare during World War II that was originally broadcast by NBC in the USA in 1952–1953. It was condensed into a film in 1954. Excerpts from the music soundtrack, by Richard Rodgers and Robert Russell Bennett, were re-recorded and sold as record albums. The original TV broadcasts comprised 26 half-hour segments—Sunday afternoons at 3pm in most markets—starting October 26, 1952 and ending May 3, 1953. The series, which won an Emmy award in 1954 as “best public affairs program”, played an important part in establishing historic “compilation” documentaries as a viable television genre.

Over 13,000 hours of footage gathered from US, British, German and Japanese navies during World War II were perused in the making of these compelling episodes.

TV Status: Ended

Duration: 30 min


TMDb: 5.5